cupcake-cropWelcome to the Member’s Options Page of The Half Baked Life.   There are several ways you can enjoy The (half) Baked Life.  You can continue to view this website without becoming a member and having access to most of the recipes that are posted.

Free Membership

We also have a membership option, this is a free membership.  You will have access to  most of the recipes, pictures and resources that The Half Baked Life posts.  In addition to the recipes and pictures you will also be signed-up for a weekly newsletter highlighting recipes, tips and fun facts.

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Paid Membership

 If you would like to enjoy all that The Half Baked Life has to offer, including extra recipes not posted on this website, and also have the ability to share all the recipes and pictures from The Half Baked Life on your own blog or website then this is the membership for you.    You will automatically be enrolled into a daily email where you will receive the daily recipe and then also the extra recipes just for the members each week, you will also have the option to join a Facebook group just for Half Baked Life Members where the recipes & pictures will be posted.  You will also have more access to MJ as you need it.  To make it even better it is only $5.00 a month!!  To subscribe and become a member click the PayPal link below.


Just for SBC Distributors

The Half Baked Life and SBC have joined into a partnership to ensure that their distributors would have access to recipes and pictures that they could share without being “blocked”, “banned” or reported on Facebook.  This membership gives you access to all the recipes and pictures The Half Baked Life has in addition to some extra recipes each week just for members.   There is also a Facebook group set-up just for you!!  Just click the link below to subscribe now!


Have a GREAT (half) Baked Day!!  MJ